Misting is a simplified term for high pressure evaporative cooling. We have combined the science of evaporation and pressurized water to produce an outdoor cooling system that will reduce the proximate air temperature by as much as 30°F (16°C) in just seconds.

Misting systems use a high pressure pump and small diameter copper or stainless steel tubing to force water through specially designed nozzles that produce a micro-fine mist. The droplets of mist are so fine that they ‘flash evaporate’ which instantly cools the surrounding air without noticeable moisture.

“Evaporative cooling uses the science of thermal dynamics; that is, the fact the water requires energy to evaporate (about 600 calories of heat per gram of water, to be exact). When mist evaporates the exchange of energy results in the lowering of the ambient temperature.”

This form of outdoor air conditioning is perfectly adapted for use on any home patio, gazebo, pool, restaurant and business center where outdoor comfort is a necessity. Misting systems are ideally suited for areas where humidity is between 0% and 60% and the outdoor temperature gets between 80°F and 120°F (27°C – 49°C).

DB Mist Systems will evaluate your chosen location taking into account the amount of mid day sun, the direction of the building, the height of existing structures, etc. to design a custom cooling experience