Mist pump manufacturers recommend scheduled maintenance to keep the pump and pump filters and nozzles functioning efficiently at full capacity. We offer start-up, tune-up and shut-down maintenance services to abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations and to ensure the atomizing lines, nozzles and fog features are at peak performance.

We highly recommend these services as preventive maintenance against malfunction from worn or improperly maintained parts as well as damage due to freezing in pump, filters, lines and to keep mold and mildew from forming in the lines. Proper maintenance can help you avoid high cost repairs.
Please call to schedule. 480-926-2499

MARCH – System Start-up Service:

  • Service pump unit
  • Change pump oil
  • Flush winterization
  • Fine tune pump unit
  • Flush systems
  • Clean clogged nozzles
  • Service fittings
  • Service nozzles
  • Remove & replace water filtration
  • Check belts for alignment & wear
  • Service all lines & components
  • Check sheaves & motor for lubrication
  • Check hoses for wear
  • Restore system to operation
  • Pressure test beyond normal use pressure
  • Report any issues to owner/management
Installation procedures include:

  • Blue print, construction site and/or framing stage estimates
  • Atomizing and supply line installation PRIOR to lathe and scaffolding
  • Completion of system AFTER water and power are available at pump location
JULY – Mid Season Service, Tune-up & Inspection:

  • Service pump unit
  • Check/add pump oil
  • Clean pump unit
  • Check belts for alignment & wear
  • Clean clogged nozzles
  • Check hoses for wear
NOVEMBER – System Shut-down Service:

  • Service pump unit
  • Air flush atomizing lines
  • Remove water filtration
  • Turn off power and water to pump
  • Tag cord with ‘Do Not Use’ label for safety
  • Winterize pump & system with antifreeze to prevent freeze damage